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Art For All (a Doodle Workbook)


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This Zine  is an  invitation for you to  draw – again.  But the  monkeys  in  your  head  says,  “I can’t  possibly  draw, i’m not good at  all!” or it can go, “That’s a  kid  stuff, i’m an adult and I  don’t meddle with  colors! Only Excel files.”

Oh of course  you can! Remember  when you  were  a kid and  you’d draw and color for hours?

Don’t  fret, and stop   being self-conscious, there  are no  mistakes! Only  happy lines.  Let’s go and draw!

About the Author

Heidi Aquende is a mom  of two kids, business person by day, creative person  in between diapers and math  home work.

Heidi together  with  her  husband Melvene,  own  a photography  studio at Maginhawa st.  QC.  They  also  run art  workshops.  The effort, called Creative Verve, teaches & helps spread some art love around.


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