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Antonio Luna


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Tahanan  Books  for Young Readers.

About the Authors

ILAW NG TAHANAN PUBLISHING, INC is a Filipino corporation dedicated to making quality books for Filipino families as well as supplementary curriculum materials for schools and libraries. It has two subsidiaries known to retail markets as Tahanan Books (adult division) and Tahanan Books for Young Readers (juvenile division). Named for the Filipino word for “home,” Tahanan aims to nurture a passion for learning with books that celebrate Philippine culture and history.

Vivencio R.  Jose  finished his A.B.  (English), M.A. (Comparative  Literature), and Ph.D (Philippine Studies),  at  the  University  of  The  Philippines where  he is  currently  Secretary of the  university  and  the Board  of Regents.

Dr.  Jose  is  the author of several books and monographs,  including  The Rise  and Fall  of Antonio  Luna. 



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