Eskinita Art Gallery

Established in 2017, Eskinita Art Gallery brings about an alternative platform for intervention within an art scene that continues to grow, evolve and complicate. Eskinita, as an artist-run gallery, hopes to engage the community with curatorial and collaborative programs that will encourage inspired creativity among artists of different backgrounds. With Alfredo Esquillo as artist/owner and Renato Habulan as in-house curator of Eskinita, visitations, exchanges and discussions will be regularly set up within and outside the gallery setting. The Tuklas (Discovery) Program of Eskinita will highlight a mentorship program for the development and guidance of young and promising artists, awarding them with sponsored shows. Eskinita, a space for inclusivity and openness, will create projects that survey the increasing diversity of approaches by artists of different generations and ethnicity. While engaging with the ‘here and now’ in contemporary art, Eskinita also looks ahead to developments that will shape the future of artmaking.